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Mobility iOS, Android, Windows Phone / RT


The convergence of user needs and business needs in the mobility sector is already a reality. Apple and Iphone, Ipad, Ipod (IOS devices) have found an immediate response in consumer sector and an unexpected response within the business sector too.

Viaminds develops Apps for the Appstore since SDK 2.0 version, with a great number of apps published. We offer also training and consulting for companies who prefer to develop by themselves. .


Operating system for mobile devices created by Google Inc. Based on Linux, it has versions for tablets (HoneyComb) and every kind of devices (TV, MP3, watches). Newest version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) offers the same operating system version for tablets and phones.

We develop applications for Android Market,  Amazon Appstore or Samsung Market, adapting them to the different screen sizes and devices, adding a special care for interfaces, usability and design..

Windows Phone / 8 / RT

Microsoft has completely renewed the former Windows Mobile with the new Windows Phone operating system. Windows Phone has become one of the platforms to take account into any app development because of his characteristic interface just as the hardware manufacturers alliance.

We have a great background on .Net technologies and Silverlight interfaces, used on this platform. We count on Microsoft Certified Professionals specialized on Windows Phone Development (MCPD Windows Phone Developer).